Tigers Return To Tide Head School

Tiger players have been visiting the Tide Head School for a number of years now always with the goal of engaging the students in some organized physical activity. This commitment by the team has earned them many friends and lots of young fans.

This week the Tigers returned to another warm welcome by the staff and of course, the eager students. Under the direction of veteran defenceman, Jabes Benedict, the players led the students through a variety of activities which included as much fun as possible in the short time available. The Tigers would like to extend a big thank you to the administration, staff and students for allowing them the opportunity to be part of such a positive experience.

We have been fortunate to be invited here for a number of years and still, the greeting we get always amazes me,”┬ácommented Benedict. “Ms. St.Onge and the staff are always helpful and supportive and the students are so keen to participate. Really, it is very difficult to say who has the most fun, us or the kids.”

Courtesy of John Hutchinson