League Directory

Organization Name Position
MHL Troy Dumville President
MHL Cecil Taylor Vice-President
MHL Kevin Mitchell Director of Hockey Operations
MHL Sean Maclachlan Director of Technology
MHL James Faulkner Director of Communications
MHL Troy Howatt Director of Discipline
Amherst Ramblers Ron Lake Governor
Amherst Ramblers General Manager
Amherst Ramblers Head Coach
Campbellton Tigers Pierre Girard Governor
Campbellton Tigers Charles Leblanc General Manager/Head Coach
Edmundston Blizzard Andre Lebel Governor
Edmundston Blizzard Steve MacPherson General Manager
Edmundston Blizzard Simon Olivier Head Coach
Fredericton Red Wings George MacIntyre Governor
Fredericton Red Wings Kyle McAllister General Manager/Head Coach
Grand Falls Rapids Marco Gagnon Governor
Grand Falls Rapids Danny Braun General Manager
Grand Falls Rapids Greg Leland Head Coach
Miramichi Timberwolves Doug Cooling Governor
Miramichi Timberwolves Kory Baker General Manager/Head Coach
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Chad McDavid Governor
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Willie MacDonald General Manager
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Garrett Lambke Head Coach
South Shore Lumberjacks David Hinkley Governor
South Shore Lumberjacks David Hinkley General Manager
South Shore Lumberjacks Kirk Tomlinson Head Coach
Summerside Western Capitals Todd Richard Governor
Summerside Western Capitals Pat McIver General Manager
Summerside Western Capitals Billy McGuigan Head Coach
Truro Bearcats David Higgins Governor
Truro Bearcats Jim Barbour General Manager
Truro Bearcats Shawn Evans Head Coach
Valley Wildcats Graham Baxter Governor
Valley Wildcats Brandon Benedict General Manager/Head Coach
Yarmouth Mariners Alex Pink Governor
Yarmouth Mariners Laurie Barron General Manager/Head Coach

MHL League Office: 476 Shore Drive, Bedford N.S., B4A 2C6