2018 MHL Draft Results

The 2018 MHL Draft is taking place on Saturday, June 9th at the Kings Mutual Century Center. Follow the Draft round by round on the graphic below. Congratulations to all of the players selected this afternoon.

Round 1

Team Player Pos Last Team DOB
St. Stephen Aces Zachary Alchorn RW Saint John Vitos 06/27/2001
St. Stephen Aces Jack Morris D Cape Breton West Islanders 10/05/2001
St. Stephen Aces Ethan Stuckless F East Coast Blizzard 10/07/2000
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Sean Stewart D Cape Breton West Islanders 10/01/2001
Grand Falls Rapids Yannick Bastarache F Moncton Flyers 2002
Valley Wildcats Liam Kidney C Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 2001
Truro Bearcats Damian Hartt D Valley Wildcats MAAA 02/08/2001
Edmundston Blizzard Aaron Brown F Halifax Macs
South Shore Lumberjacks Riley Spears F Dartmouth Steele Subaru 10/09/2001
Summerside Western Capitals Marc Richard F Kensington Wild 2002
Yarmouth Mariners Sam Gillis F Cape Breton Tradesmen 07/08/2001
Edmundston Blizzard Cole Stewart F Moncton Flyers 2001

Round 2

Team Player Pos Last Team DOB
St. Stephen Aces Andrew Antle F Western Kings NFMAAA 04/16/2000
Grand Falls Rapids Antoni Matte F Fredericton Caps 08/30/2000
Campbellton Tigers Logan Kelly-Murphy D Charlottetown Pride 02/18/2001
Campbellton Tigers Sam Dow D Fredericton Caps 11/06/2002
Miramichi Timberwolves Will Robinson F Dartmouth Steele Subaru 04/23/2001
Campbellton Tigers Brady Hunter F Cole Harbour Wolfpack 07/27/2002
Miramichi Timberwolves Mason Beck F South Shore Mustangs 05/25/2002
Edmundston Blizzard Kale McCallum D Saint John Vitos 02/14/2002
South Shore Lumberjacks Ian Watt F Halifax Macs 02/03/2001
Summerside Western Capitals Ed MacNeill D Charlottetown Pride 2002
Yarmouth Mariners Miguel Poirier F Moncton Flyers 07/28/2001
Edmundston Blizzard Nicholas Bourque F Moncton Flyers 01/27/2001

Territorials 1

Team Name Pos Last Team DOB
St. Stephen Aces Cole Vardy D Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 04/29/2001
Valley Wildcats Brent Levy D Valley Wildcats 01/21/2002
Grand Falls Rapids Thomas Bonenfant G Polyvalente Thomas Albert HS 01/09/2000
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Paul Norman D St. John’s Maple Leafs 06/26/2001
Miramichi Timberwolves Brendan Milson F Bathurst Northern Moose 01/08/2002
Campbellton Tigers Sam McKinney D Fredericton Caps 07/25/2002
Truro Bearcats Ben Fraser F Pictou County Weeks MAAA 04/29/2002
Amherst Ramblers Joe Bouchard C Halifax Macs 05/03/2001
South Shore Lumberjacks Cameron Brown F Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 05/29/2001
Summerside Western Capitals Colby MacArthur F Kensington Wild 11/02/2001
Yarmouth Mariners Ben Charles F South Shore Mustangs 01/28/2002
Edmundston Blizzard Frederic Plourde G Fredericton Caps 01/03/2002

Round 3

Team Player Pos Last Team DOB
Miramichi Timberwolves Gavin Watt F Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 01/05/2002
Grand Falls Rapids Phillipe Cassault D Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 05/24/2001
Valley Wildcats Matthew Power D Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 07/19/2002
Edmundston Blizzard Ewan MacDonald G Cape Breton West Islanders 06/20/2001
Miramichi Timberwolves Deny Gaudet F Moncton Flyers 01/16/2001
Campbellton Tigers Evan Jackson F Moncton Flyers 02/14/2002
Truro Bearcats Reagan Seymour F St. John’s Maple Leafs 04/13/2001
Amherst Ramblers Mark Rumsey F Rothesay Netherwood 08/13/2001
Campbellton Tigers Sebastien Hebert F Bathurst Northern Moose 07/07/2001
Valley Wildcats Kinnon WIlliams LW Cape Breton Tradesmen 02/05/2001
Miramichi Timberwolves Alex Gallant D Moncton Flyers 03/18/2002
Edmundston Blizzard Brant King D Halifax Macs 09/18/2001

Territorials 2

Team Player Pos Last Team DOB
St. Stephen Aces Jacob Christie D Dartmouth Steele Subaru 05/10/2002
Valley Wildcats Brady Burns F Valley Wildcats MAAA 05/27/2002
Grand Falls Rapids Noah Adams F Newbridge Academy U-18 02/10/2001
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Logan Carruther D Halifax Macs 2002
Miramichi Timberwolves Stewart Bagnell G Dartmouth Steele Subaru 09/19/2001
Campbellton Tigers Connor Richard F Saint John Vitos 11/29/2002
Truro Bearcats Del Welton D Cape Breton West Islanders 08/20/2002
Amherst Ramblers Cole Larkin D Charlottetown Pride 09/13/2002
South Shore Lumberjacks Connor McCluskey D Saint John Vitos 09/25/2001
Summerside Western Capitals Bennett MacArthur F Rothesay Netherwood 01/30/2001
Yarmouth Mariners Brendon Sibly D Saint John Vitos 04/26/2001
Edmundston Blizzard Alex Arsenault F Newbridge Academy 10/16/2002

Round 4

Team Player Pos Last Team DOB
Valley Wildcats Chad Arsenault G Kensington Wild 02/07/2002
Grand Falls Rapids Adam Fowlow F Dartmouth Steele Subaru 02/27/2001
Valley Wildcats Darren Waterman LW Cape Breton West Islanders 07/29/2001
Yarmouth Mariners David Hibbs F Tri-Pen Osprey 02/04/2001
Grand Falls Rapids Nolan Boyd G Dartmouth Steele Subaru 02/24/2001
Campbellton Tigers Alexis Dube F OHA Mavericks 07/28/2002
Truro Bearcats Joe Chambers G Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 01/17/2002
Amherst Ramblers Nicholas Yuill D Halifax Macs 02/07/2001
South Shore Lumberjacks Matt Spence F Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 02/28/2001
St. Stephen Aces Nick French F St. John’s Maple Leafs 07/19/2000
Edmundston Blizzard Jeremy Duguay F OHA Mavericks 02/14/2002
Edmundston Blizzard Patrick Leblanc F Moncton Flyers 05/30/2002

Round 5

Team Player Pos Last Team DOB
Truro Bearcats Logan Camp F Dartmouth Steele Subaru 03/06/2002
Truro Bearcats Camden Langois D Cape Breton Tradesmen 02/24/2000
Campbellton Tigers Carson Gallant D Gatineau Olympiques 01/11/2001
Campbellton Tigers Nathan MacMillan F Cape Breton Tradesmen 01/31/2002
Miramichi Timberwolves Zach Byand D Halifax Macs 05/04/2002
Valley Wildcats Sonny Kebatay C Cape Breton Tradesmen 11/30/2002
Truro Bearcats Gregor Yoell F Valley Wildcats MAAA 04/05/2001
Campbellton Tigers Josh Crooks F Dartmouth Voyageurs 08/31/2002
Amherst Ramblers Matthew Ellis F Cape Breton West Islanders 06/03/2002
Amherst Ramblers Ethan Pearson G Newbridge Academy 07/30/2002
Valley Wildcats Ethan Beaulieu D Kensington Wild 04/06/2001
Summerside Western Capitals Nick Reeves F Charlottetown Pride 2002

Round 6

Team Player Pos Last Team DOB
South Shore Lumberjacks Dawson Breau D Fredericton Caps 07/16/2002
Campbellton Tigers Kyle Petten F Halifax Mooseheads 01/10/2001
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Malcolm Genge D Western Kings NLMAAA 2001
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Chase Ellis F Cape Breton West Islanders 2002
Campbellton Tigers Mathias Savoie G OHA Mavericks 02/17/2002
Campbellton Tigers Adam Bowness F Sant John Vitos 03/07/2002
Truro Bearcats Marc Aucoin D Pictou County Weeks MAAA 05/17/2000
Valley Wildcats Sam Grant RW Cape Breton West Islanders 01/29/2002
South Shore Lumberjacks Matthew Raike F Cape Breton West Islanders 01/15/2001
South Shore Lumberjacks Tyler Millett F Dartmouth Steele Subaru 02/28/2002
Yarmouth Mariners Kurtis Lang C Newbridge Academy 10/10/2001
St. Stephen Aces Liam Smith F Western Kings NLMAAA 05/30/2000

Round 7

Player Name Pos Last Team DOB
Miramichi Timberwolves Kennedy Gallant F Charlottetown Pride 01/05/2001
Grand Falls Rapids Isaac Dixon D Saint John Vitos 04/17/2002
Valley Wildcats Jonathan Pickrem G Valley Wildcats MAAA 02/17/2002
Pictou County Weeks Crushers Jeremy Robar G South Shore Mustangs 2002
Miramichi Timberwolves Michael Oliver D King’s Edgehill HS 2001
Valley Wildcats Bailey Peach C Sherbrooke Phoenix 03/08/2001
Truro Bearcats Cole Julien F Cole Harbour Wolf Pack 02/13/2001
Amherst Ramblers Alex French F St. John’s Maple Leafs 01/09/2002
South Shore Lumberjacks Ben MacLellan D Cape Breton West Islanders 03/22/2002
Summerside Western Capitals Greg Kehoe D Stanstead College 2001
Yarmouth Mariners Dixon McLeod F Kensington Wild 01/22/2002
St. Stephen Aces Ryan Richards F Kensington Wild 02/25/2000

Round 8

Team Name Pos Last Team DOB
St. Stephen Aces Erik MacInnis G Charlottetown Pride 04/23/2001
Grand Falls Rapids Ryan Penney F Fredericton Caps 10/06/2001
Summerside Western Capitals Will Proud D Kensington Wild 2002
Valley Wildcats Colby Ramsey C Valley Wildcats MAAA 03/04/2002
Summerside Western Capitals Riley MacDougall F Charlottetown Pride 2002
Yarmouth Mariners Connor MacLeod F Pictou County Weeks MAAA 02/20/2002
Truro Bearcats Colin MacGillvary D Pictou County Weeks MAAA 05/08/2002
Amherst Ramblers Brandon Casey D Newbridge Academy 02/17/2002
South Shore Lumberjacks Blake Chasse F Halifax Macs 09/17/2002
Summerside Western Capitals Declan MacEachern F St.Georges 2001
Yarmouth Mariners Matthew Helpord D Newbridge Academy 03/22/2001
Summerside Western Capitals Isaac Wilson F King’s Edgehill School 2002