Metalfab, MHL team up for 12 Jerseys of Christmas

Metalfab and the MHL Team Up for a Second Year: Playoffs, Community, and the 12 Jerseys of Christmas

For over 50 years, Metalfab has been providing fire departments with the maintenance and supplies they need to keep their communities safe. They have innovated their products to fit the changing needs of the surrounding areas. For instance, mini pumpers enable emergency response in narrow streets or tough-to-get-to areas. As a community-minded organization, the team at Metalfab knows that community safety starts with community investment.

As a way to give back to their community and invest in today’s youth, Metalfab is proud to sponsor the Maritime Junior Hockey League (MHL) as a title sponsor of the annual playoffs. What started in the 2022–23 season will continue into this season’s playoffs, and the team at Metalfab looks forward to sponsoring for years to come.

“Metalfab is extremely excited to be able to give back to several communities across the Maritimes through our new partnership with the MHL,” says Metalfab Business Development Manager Ryan Stacey. The MHL is an organization that teaches the area’s competitive athletes about hard work, determination, teamwork, and most of all, the power of community. “As both the MHL and Metalfab are community-minded organizations, this partnership is a great fit,” says Stacey. “It is a great honour for us to be able to watch teams vie for the Metalfab MHL Cup.”

Off to the Races

This season is well underway, with twelve talented teams vying for the top spot at the end of the playoffs. In the regular season standings, the Summerside Western Capitals are leading the EastLink South Division with 13 wins while the West Kent Steamers lead in the EastLink North with 14 wins. The league has seen an incredible level of play this year, with teams overcoming a variety of obstacles and tough matches to fight their way to the top.

In March 2024, the playoffs will start, and teams will begin competing for the Metalfab MHL Cup. Last season, the Yarmouth Mariners took home the trophy after a very competitive year. Currently, the Yarmouth Mariners are sitting at the number two spot in the EastLink South Division with 10 wins. Can they pull ahead and keep the title safe this year? Only time will tell.

12 Jerseys of Christmas

Though competition may be fierce on the ice, the players in the Maritime Hockey League are coming together this year for the “12 Jerseys of Christmas” fundraiser again this year. Each player will sign their team’s jersey, and those jerseys will be auctioned off on the Metalfab Facebook page before Christmas.

Not only is this a great way to bring the community together but all proceeds will go toward an organization called Canine Therapy for First Responders, or CTFFR Atlantic. CTFFR provides service dogs and facility dogs to first responders and veterans to help them navigate the challenges that come with occupational obstacles. First responders and veterans often deal with physical disabilities due to getting injured on the job, as well as mental or emotional challenges because of the work they do. These individuals dedicated their lives to giving back to their communities, and now, the MHL is proud to work with Metalfab Ltd. to return the support.

Cheer Your Favorite Team On!

Whether or not you’re able to bid on one of the 12 jerseys, you can still show support for the hard work that these players have put into their craft. As the regular season continues, the best way that members of the community can get involved is to cheer on their favourite team! They are on the ice day in and day out to better themselves, perfect their teamwork and become the people they want to be. Regardless of their records, every athlete deserves our applause . . . though a win is always nice!

After the successful partnership between MHL and Metalfab last year, we’re all looking forward to the impact we can continue to have together. Stacey states, “With this partnership, not only is Metalfab helping the various communities which have teams or are close to a community that is home to a team but we hope to be able to promote and help in fundraising for organizations like the CTFFR at the same time.”

With the season actively underway, you may have missed some major games, but it’s not too late to get involved and invest in your community. We’d be happy to have each and every one of you bid on a jersey, cheer on a team at a game, or simply get the word out about the work we’re doing to support CTFFR this year. Please watch the Metalfab Facebook page ( in the upcoming weeks for further details.