Sandy McCarthy Formally Introduced As Grand Falls Rapids Head Coach

The Grand Falls Rapids formally introduced Sandy McCarthy as their Head Coach today.

McCarthy coached the former Woodstock Slammers last season after joining the team as an assistant coach.

At a news conference at the E&P Senechal Centre in Grand Falls, McCarthy promised his team will bring an energetic game and will work hard.

McCarthy played for seven NHL teams over 15 seasons from 1992-2004.

Training camp began today, the full schedule is posted on the Rapids Facebook page.

Team president Marcel Deschaines says they will wear Woodstock Slammers jerseys twice during exhibition play, along with the jersey of the former senior hockey team in Grand Falls, the Cataracts.

Deschaines says that this is to show respect for the two previous teams.

Danny Braun also moves over from the Slammers as general manager of the Rapids, and Charles Theriault is vice-president of operations.

(Photo and files from Andrew Chaisson)

Kevin Northup
MHL Director of Communications