SJHL Breaking News: “The power of healing is in the game”

REGINA, Sask. — The Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL),  along with a representative from each SJHL hockey team, which forms the league’s Board of Governors, had their scheduled conference call to make the strenuous decision this afternoon on whether the league finals will move forward or cease for the end of this years season. 

“We had a grueling decision to make with respects on how we can pay tribute and honour the Humboldt Broncos”. says Bill Chow, SJHL President. “On behalf of the Board of Governors, this intensive decision has been made and that decision is to carry through and finish off the 2017-2018 season.  The league will play hockey.”

From the board of Humboldt Broncos: “The power of healing is in the game.”

Canadian Junior Hockey League President Brent Ladds offered the following statement on the SJHL’s difficult decision during these very trying times.

“At a time when there are so many difficult decisions to make, I commend the SJHL Board, for their strength, in addressing this question,” stated Ladds.

Media only have been invited to attend a media conference that is scheduled for Thursday, April 11 at 3 p.m. at the Ramada Hotel, 1818 Victoria Ave., in Regina, Sask. 

On top of the opportunity for the SJHL to speak further on this topic, there will be few other special announcements made from other organizations.

SJHL Champiomship Series
Nipawin Hawks vs. Estevan Bruins
All games 7:30 p.m. MT
Game 1: Saturday, April 14 @ Nipawin
Game 2: Sunday, April 15 @ Nipawin
Game 3: Tuesday, April 17 @ Estevan
Game 4: Wednesday, April 18 @ Estevan
Game 5*: Friday, April 20 @ Nipawin
Game 6*: Sunday, April 22 @ Estevan
Game 7*: Tuesday, April 24 @ Nipawin
* – if necessary